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Hello everyone! We have a little update regarding our dear Haggis. After careful consideration, we’ve made the difficult decision to rehome him as a beloved pet at Swanston Farm, where he’ll be joining the delightful duo Thelma and Louise!

Concerns about safety, especially as Haggis is approaching the age of wanting to play with everyone (while not fully realizing his size!), have led us to this decision. The bright side is that Swanston Farm warmly invites anyone interested in Haggis to pay him a visit! So, if you’re missing our fluffy buddy or simply want to drop by and go on a beautiful walk up to Swanston! you’re more than welcome to enjoy some quality time with Haggis and his new friends.

We appreciate the love and support you’ve showered on Haggis, and he is already thriving in his new home. Thank you for understanding, and we hope you’ll continue following Haggis’ exciting journey at Swanston Farm! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon Love the menagerie family ❤️

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